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Play to express

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When you play ball,
leave it all

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Everyone has the fire, but the champions know when to ignite the spark.

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Talent sets the floor; character sets the ceiling.

Sportsfort, a sports and fitness management company, incorporated to empower today’s youth and adults with sporting skills, to create an impact on day to day lives through over all fitness, to increase accessibility to sports by providing the finest infrastructure and lastly - to produce champions. We strive to achieve this through professional training, holistic programs and a well structured roadmap from amateur to professional levels.


High excellence & premium academy aimed at providing the finest equipment and infrastructure to be coached by International & National AFC certified coaches. The core focus being grassroots coaching for ages 6 years onwards for both girls and boys & an open-age women's category, we intend to build the best possible teams for all youth leagues organized by AIFF & WIFA.


The Squash Coaching curriculum is uniquely designed by National & international players & professional coaches for each level in accordance with WSF coaching guidelines. We organize National & International tournaments in the country, bringing in the best players from around the world to participate & partner with top players to provide coaching & mentoring to kids & adults.


Based on the traditional skills of swordsmanship, fencing involves one-on-one combat, for which a player uses a fencing sword to hit particular targets on the opponent’s body. The three disciplines in modern fencing are the Foil, the Épée, and the Sabre.
Fencing is one of the only sports to be featured in every Olympic games since 1896.

Creating not just better players,

But a better community.


We foster the overall development of our trainees with well-structured programs which include Fitness Training, Nutrition Counselling, Sports Psychology, Physiotherapy, Injury Prevention/ Rehabilitation Programs, Life Skills and Physical – Tactical Video Analysis.


Our coaches are accredited from their respective federations adhering to the coaching guidelines whilst having over 5 years of coaching experience. With superior communication skills, firm disciplinary outlook and sound tactical knowledge, our coaches fit perfectly in the culture that we imbibe.


Over 200 players trained. Our trainees play in the top 50 and have won various positions in national tournaments. Conducted several tournaments under the aegis of SRFI and PSA